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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who Am I?

Who am I that you should listen to me? When I was asked if I would like to become a “Blogger” for the advancement of the name and glory of Jesus, I thought it a worthwhile cause, not “blogging” per se, but glorifying God through the proclamation of His Gospel. Being a modern day voice from the wilderness shouting out, “Repent and be ye saved.” In fact I think it to be “The Cause” for which I was created. But who am I that I should think my writing and the words of my mouth worthy of your precious time, time that you should be continually dedicating to the Lord? Whether you are a sinner or saint, who am I that my “Blog” should cause you to open your eyes and see or open your ears and hear? Indeed, who I am at all? I can think of no question more useless in relation to Jesus Christ than, “Who is Terry Walker?”

Yet “Who is within me?” is an entirely different matter. Through He who is within me, I reflect the very image of God in me; I was called by His drawing, saved by given faith in Jesus, His Son, through His grace, and indwelt by the Spirit who now inescapably resides within me. I have been sealed, my ultimate destination is secure. I have been declared righteous and holy through Christ, and sufficient to minister the new covenant. When I speak as Terry Walker, I speak as fool, but when I speak in the name of the Lord, every person who hears is accountable for having heard the very word of God. God’s word does not return void, even when emanating from my mouth! So do not be misled, the words that I write in His name, will surely result in your edification, your sanctification or add to your ultimate condemnation. So delight with joy dear reader, be edified, be sanctified, repent and be rectified or believe and be ye justified!

But woe to you scoffers, though you may simply walk away from me, you cannot escape in ignorance from what God has made so clearly evident. You suppress the truth in rebellion to the obvious. My heart cries out for you, tears of grief and sadness fall from me in concern for your condition, so you, even you should listen to me, a voice in the wilderness, crying out to you, “Believe and repent.” My God is a God of love as you may well be acquainted, but my God is a God of jealousy and justice equally as well, and His righteous wrath cannot be turned from you unless you come to know His Son as Lord over your very body, mind and soul. But while today is yet today, before your body has breathed its last breath, you could inherit paradise with me. No, not a Heaven without Christ, as so many call paradise, but to walk in life with Christ as your Father, because wherever Jesus is, that is paradise. Heaven without the light of Jesus would not be paradise, but would be a dark and evil place, and if Jesus chose to visit Hell, then those to be found there would rejoice if but for the relief of the length of a momentary visit.

But those to be found in Hell did not savingly believe in Jesus as their Lord. They did not know Him even though many thought themselves to be Christians. Perhaps they thought Jesus was their Savior, but not so much so, their Lord. Ninety two times does the writer of Acts refer to Jesus as Lord, only twice is He referred to as Savior. Yes Jesus is both, but you must know and live in Him as both. Belief in Jesus and His Lordship over your life and motives are inseparably intertwined and you can not, and do not, have one without the other. The assurance of salvation is not in feeling that you know Jesus, but in Jesus knowing you. The Bible says that you cannot serve two masters, you either serve Satan or you serve Jesus. So how then can you believe that Jesus can be your Savior if He is not likewise your Lord and Master? How then can you serve Jesus when you do not submit and serve Him as your Master? Have you no fear of God? While you may feel that you know Jesus, take heed, do you know that Jesus knows you? If Jesus knows you, you will hear and heed the words of His voice within the Bible. You will keep His commands because He has written them, not on tablets, but on your heart. But if you know Jesus, in the same way as your master Satan does, then why do you not quiver in fear knowing as Satan does, that Jesus does not know either of you and will not claim you as His own? The sheep of Jesus know his voice and hear His call, yet do you submit to the voice of His word? He is calling this very moment through this article.

Perhaps you think yourself a good person, you do the best you can and try to do what is right. But the Bible says that if you have committed a single offence then you are guilty of breaking the whole law. One lie and you are Hell bound! But wait, the Bible also says that because your father sinned, and your father’s father sinned, all the way back to Adam, who sinned, you were born a natural sinner. So then how can anyone be saved? How then can you have hope for an eternity with Christ when you have already failed, when even your righteousness is seen by God as filthy rags? If you die and stand before God alone, your meritorious life will only sentence you to Hell. The sins you committed while you were yet physically alive, but spiritually dead, require complete and total remission before you can enter the presence of a holy God. Even under the old covenant there was a veil between even the high priest and the presence of God. In order to enter the “Holy of Holies” the high priest had to take extraordinary precautions including a sacrifice of blood, as there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood. Once the animal was sacrificed and the other precautions were made, the high priest alone and only once a year on the day of atonement, could come into the presence of God. Even then a rope was tied to his waist in case he, in some way, was found unworthy and the wrath of God came upon him and he was killed. In this way his lifeless body could then be dragged back out. A non-Jewish descendant could not even approach as there were armed Levite guards who would instantly kill any who attempted to cross the four foot tall barrier outside. God has not changed and His wrath and requirements have not changed. Today God is no more or less just than He was in the beginning. Your sins still require a blood sacrifice for their total remission. Yet no animal’s blood, not even the blood of a physically perfect animal, was an ultimately acceptable sacrifice. So God sent His Son Jesus to perfectly fulfill every command within the Old Testament laws, yet it pleased God to sacrifice His perfectly righteous, holy, Son, and place upon Him all the sins of the world, both from the past and the future. So holy, righteous, perfect Jesus was crucified on a cross, the sign of a sinner’s death, and His blood that was shed upon the cross was acceptable to God, His Father, as payment and sacrifice for the sins of all people who come to know Jesus as their Lord, both from the past and the future.

But if you now see your sins as you should, and your need for a Savior, perhaps you feel too evil to be saved. Praise the Lord, because the Bible says that Jesus did not come to save the righteous, (those who think they are good), but rather Jesus came to save the sinners. This was great news for me as I was once an incredibly evil sinner, having even cursed God, daring Him in rebellion to kill me. There is not a single command in the old covenant Decalog that I have not broken, even the shedding of innocent blood. Yet the Bible says that “He who has been forgiven much, loves much.” So my Lord Jesus, the Christ, Messiah, and King saved me out of my bondage to sin and Satan and placed within me a new nature. I was reborn a new man, no longer of flesh, but of spirit, no longer am I a slave to sin, yet I am not sinless, yet I sin less, but I am yet a sinner never the less. Even though I am redeemed, my body, my flesh, remains bent toward sin, but if I had my way, divorced from this wretched curse and evil flesh, I would, by God’s grace, live every waking moment on this earth in total submission to the will of my Lord Jesus. I would like to glorify God the Father and work without ceasing, day, night, always in service. I would prefer being the lowest of worthless slaves for Christ, prospering the work of my Father, excepting in times of rest and worship of my God. I would live without thought of my own life, considering the souls of the unsaved more meaningful as their destination while living is as yet unknown to them. And if my Lord so equip me, I would like to call blood bought brothers to repentance so that they might further their walk with Christ and persevere in Him, so that we as brothers would walk in loving unison, working the soil of human hearts with the good seed and watering the wheat that grows in good soil, with strong and biblical doctrine, because there is only one way to fight the weeds that hide within the wheat and that is to insure that the wheat remains strong and pure. The weeds will wither and leave as their consciences can not handle the strength of the truth, the very water that causes the wheat to become strong.

So the ultimate question is not “who am I?” But, “Who is within me?” So it is, who it is that is within me, that is the reason that those of you who have ears to hear, should hear, and those of you who have eyes to see, should see, because I have spoken to you the truth of what I have heard my Master say to me.

Brother Terry Walker
Providence Baptist Church
Greer, South Carolina