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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bitter About Glitter

A short time ago a co-worker came into my office, sat down, and started rambling about various work related topics. In mid sentence he looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I had went to a strip club. Stunned, I told him that I was a Christian, a “real one”, not some “Sunday saint, Monday ain’t”. His half-heartedly apology died to silence. Curious, I asked him what possibly could have made him think that I would do such a thing? After all, he has known me long enough to know that upon mere discussion of such matters, I rebuke such foul talk and activities and leave the area for my own sake.

He told me that I had glitter on my face and that it wasn’t the first time he had noticed it. Not understanding what glitter had to do with his original topic, I foolishly inquired, and he took great pride in inflicting on me his knowledge of how glitter is used at a strip club. After this, and for what seemed like a very long period of time, the men in the plant enjoyed teasing me about my occasional glitter. I quickly became annoyed at their constant attention and my golden nuisance. It’s one thing to suffer for being a Christian and standing up for God’s word, but this gold glitter thing was driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure out where this stuff was coming from. There is nothing I own or do that requires the use of glitter, and a man without children simply has no need for such a substance. About at my wits end, having suffered endless ribbings from my blue collar co-workers, I must admit that I was having trouble letting “no unwholesome word proceed from my mouth” as instructed in Ephesians 4:29.

But, as 1 Corinthians 10:13 states, God was faithful, and did not allow me to be tempted beyond what I was able to endure, and He put an end to my mystery and misery. As I studied the Bible one night, aided by the entire library of books that a Brother named Johnny Touchet has thrust upon me as “required reading”, to help rid me of the apparent sin he sees in my life, I noticed a gold glint, a flicker off my fingertips. A flash of golden light reflecting off the glitter that now resided on my fingers. The glitter that so annoyed me for so long was coming off the pages of my Bible as I read late at night.

Oh, Lord, what an incredible “badge of honor” you have placed on me for so many months for all to see. I can’t image anything I would rather wear than Your Word! Dear Lord Jesus, please forgive me and if it is Your will, please enable me to be a walking, talking, reflection of You, for this would be worth far more to me than all the gold I could ever possess. Amen.

Brother Terry Walker
Providence Baptist Church
Greer, South Carolina